7 Signs Your Wife Wants A Divorce


They say hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately, this often seems to be the case when it comes to a wife wanting a divorce. Most men who have gotten a divorce will tell you that looking back they can now see that there were signs long before their wives came out and asked for divorce. If only they had recognized the signs earlier, maybe they could have saved their marriage.

Keep in mind that although these are often signs that a marriage may be headed for divorce, it can be dangerous to jump to conclusions too quickly based on one or two instances of these signs. So, careful consideration of your wife’s behavior over an extended period of time is recommended before making any accusations.

Here are five of the most common signs that your wife wants a divorce.

1. She is always busy with late nights at work or hanging out with friends.

One of the first signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce is when your wife starts avoiding you and spending more time at work or with her friends. If you used to be her go-to person and now she’s always busy, it may be a sign that she’s growing apart from you.

You may notice that she is suddenly having to stay late at work more than she used to. She may come home from work later and later claiming that she had to run errands or something came up. You may also notice that she wants to spend more time with friends.

However your wife may be avoiding spending time with you or being home all together, if her behavior is not typical then it could be a sign that she wants a divorce.

2. She’s always critical of you.

If your wife is constantly pointing out your faults and nitpicking everything you do, it is likely a sign that she is unhappy in the marriage. Oftentimes this criticism is unfounded and irrational.

In the 1989 movie, “The War of the Roses” there is a scene where Oliver Rose says, “I think you owe me a solid reason. I worked my ass off for you and the kids to have a nice life and you owe me a reason that makes sense. I want to hear it.”

His wife, Barbara Rose responds, “Because. When I watch you eat. When I see you asleep. When I look at you lately, I just want to smash your face in.” 1

It’s one thing when the criticisms relate to things like not taking out the trash, a disagreement about finances, etc., but it is another thing when they are simply personal attacks without any real reason. Mean-spirited personal attacks can be an indication of a deeper problem in your marriage.

3. She doesn’t want to be intimate with you anymore.

Intimacy is an important part of any marriage, so if your wife is no longer interested in being intimate with you, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Keep in mind that lack of intimacy is not necessarily a sign that she’s no longer attracted to you. More often than not it is a sign that she’s become emotionally disconnected from you.

Men who have experienced this prior to getting divorced will often say that it felt like they had become more like roommates than lovers.

If she’s not interested in being intimate as often as she used to in the past, or if she makes excuses like being too tired, or not feeling well this may be an indication that your wife wants a divorce.

4. She’s always talking about divorce.

This may sound like an obvious sign, but you would be surprised how often men don’t recognize it as a true sign that their wife may be considering ending the marriage.

If your wife is constantly bringing up the idea of divorce or making threats, it’s a sign that she’s seriously considering it. She may be dropping hints that she wants out of the marriage, or she may be openly talking about getting a divorce. Either way, this is not a good sign for the future of your marriage.

5. She’s become more secretive.

Another sign that your marriage may be in trouble is that your wife suddenly becomes more secretive, or protective of her privacy then she may have been in the past. For example, she may quickly close her laptop when you come into the room, or insist on taking phone calls privately. If it seems like she’s hiding something, and she may very well be.

6. She’s suddenly more interested in her appearance.

Ask any man who has gone through a divorce that was initiated by his wife, and he is very likely to say that in the months before she asked for a divorce she suddenly became a lot more interested in her looks.

A common sign that your wife wants a divorce will be a renewed interest in her appearance. She may start trying to eat more healthy, exercising, buying new clothes, or even caring more about her make-up.

7. She no longer cares enough to argue with you.

This is a sign that is almost always overlooked. In fact, some men even notice the sign and consider it something positive in the relationship, because they don’t understand what’s really going on.

When a woman becomes emotionally distant and has essentially “checked out” of the relationship, she may stop nitpicking, criticizing, or even having any desire to argue about things that would have caused a fight in the past.

This can be a sign that she no longer cares enough to even bother. Unfortunately, if that is the case and if it’s because she does want to divorce then this can signal serious problems in a marriage.

This is a hard one because as we discussed previously, the opposite can also be true. If your wife is being critical of everything that you do that can also be a sign of a possible divorce in your future. Everyone is different and that’s why it can be hard to interpret the real reason behind a spouse’s behavior.

One or two of these signs alone may not indicate the problem in your relationship. If you’re experiencing three or more of these signs simultaneously, then you might want to take note and start paying more attention.

The key to interpreting these signs that your wife wants a divorce often lies in comparing her behavior to how she used to be in the past when things were good and you were happy.


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